NB Flowers

NB Flowers business is a unique floral business in the East Coast community of the United Arab Emirates and established in the city of Fujairah in June 2016. Its second branch has recently been established in Khorfakkan city in January 2020. The business’s main focus is Quality and Excellence in customer service as well as the products and services offering. Having these two elements as core values, we at NB flowers are willing to offer the following services to our customers which will make us different from the rest of competitors both well-established ones and small ones in the market.

  1. Modern showroom/shop with attractive design and elements
  2. Offering variety of flowers both cut and potted ones
  3. Offering best quality Grade A artificial flowers
  4. Offering best quality of preserved flowers (Forever Roses)
  5. Offering perfumes
  6. Offering home fragrances
  7. Offering floral arrangements for events
  8. Delivery service
  9. Online website and ordering platform
  10. Credit/debate cards purchase facilities
  11. Entrepreneurship advising for UAE nationals only willing to open their small businesses.

What our clients saying?

The place is nice with a good vibe staff are friendly, choices are wide and can accommodate all budgets.

Suhaib Al-Rawhani, June 2, 2021

Best flower shop in Fujairah

Luciano Barbati, June 4, 2018

always the choice for every occasion

Shaimaa Al Hijawi, June 22, 2018

Very friendly staff and owner. Excellent and great art of bouquet. ther flower arrangements made, beautifully displayed/decorated and home delivery is also..

Almash Naswan, January 26, 2019

The store is distinguished and has several posts in local events and they have experience in decorating gardens.

Azuden Naser, January 27, 2019

Best flower shop in Fujairah…very pleasant and well behaved staff too.

Ajmal Hameed, January 13, 2020

روعة عنده اشياء جميله 😍

Bu Sultan Alkendi, September 13, 2020

perfect your choices, they arrange events and celebrations * they have both natural and artificial flowers, their artificials are high qu...

Meznah Alyammahi, September 3, 2021

Great flower collection,friendly customer service.

Ahmad Payab,October 19, 2020

Vry nice work and services, 😍

Vinay Rajput, September 13, 2020

Lovely shop and staff 😍 😍 Thank you so much

mohammed albitar, November 29, 2020

***** Best place in Fujairah for fresh flowers, Customers are satisfied to their needs. Friendly staff.

Shanif Hameed,December 8, 2020

Very flexible staff, affordable floral arrangements for all occasions. Had a bouquet made and picked it up the next day, superb arrangement skills. My go-to flower..

David Mercado, February 23, 2021

Such a good beautiful flower shop, providing nice customer service expérience, very fresh flowers and the florist Mr. Soufiane is such kind and helpful person, the...

Abdelmalek, February 25, 2021

have very nice and fresh flowers and decorative staff

il balmeo,April 19, 2021

Wonderful Experience

BILTU SHARMA,May 9, 2021

تنسيق جميل عندهم

7mdon H, May 25, 2021

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